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Volume 2, Issue 2 -- February - March 2010

The DuraSpace Digest highlights recent blog posts about news, events, releases, and opportunities of interest to the DuraSpace community. Subscribe to the DuraSpace Blog RSS here:


Ready to Go: DSpace 1.6 is Now AvailableOn March 3, 2010, the DuraSpace organization announced the long-awaited release of DSpace 1.6, the popular turn-key open source application for managing and providing access to digital content used to create more than 800 repository instances worldwide. Read the post. Related link.

Now Available: Mulgara 2.1.7On February 17, 2010, Paul Gearon, Technical Lead and Developer, DuraSpace, announced the release of Mulgara 2.1.7 with major improvements. Read the post. Related link.

Fedora 3.3 Update: IPv6 Loopback Variants and Default PoliciesA couple of the (deny-*-if-not-localhost) default policies were updated to work in IPv6 environments by adding ::1 as an acceptable client address (FCREPO-581). Read the post. Related link.

NITLE Takes Manakin Out of the BoxRecently NITLE sponsored a short-term project to investigate the utility of the Manakin toolkit and the resources necessary to employ Manakin, particularly for smaller institution DSpace repositories. Read the post. Related link.

DEV8D Blog: Developers on iPhone Apps, 3D Printers and New IdeasThe Developers Happiness Days (DEV8D) blog features interviews with event participants who discuss projects, innovation, and new ideas around how to get scientists and developers together. Read the post. Related link.

People and Ideas on the Future of Repositories-in-the-CloudVideo recordings and one-on-one interviews with attendees are now available from the "Repositories in the Cloud" event sponsored by Eduserv and JISC last month in London. Related link.

European Commission JRC Scientific Research Collections Available in DSpace RepositoryArticles and papers from JRC European research organizations are now available in a DSpace repository. Read the post. Related link.

National Workshop on Building and Managing Digital Repositories Using DSpaceWebinito Networks held a workshop on DSpace January 30-31, 2010 at Kadi University in Gujarat, India. Read the post. Related link.

Short Shout-outsThe DuraSpace Twitterverse continues to grow with 378 followers who read and often passed on 35 micro blog bits with links to additional content during the past month. Related link.


Web Seminar: What's New in Fedora 3.3 and DSpace 1.6?Please join Fedora and DSpace community developers for a free DuraSpace/SPARC "All About Repositories" web seminar highlighting new Fedora 3.3 and DSpace 1.6 features on March 17, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Read the post. Related link.

Repository Planners: Please Comment on Comparative Evaluation of RepositoriesTo help libraries and other institutions select the most appropriate digital repository software packages (DSpace, ePrints, Fedora, and Zentity) we are working on a comparative evaluation. Related link.


The "Digital Mirror" at the National Library of WalesThe breadth and scope of the National Library of Wales' collections in arts, literature, and historic objects can be seen in the "Digital Mirror."  Related link.

"TIMEA"Rice University's TIMEA digital archive offers visitors unique views of Western interactions with the Middle East during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Read the post. Related link.

The Jazz Loft Project at the New York Public LibraryNYPL's exhibit of Jazz Loft Project photographs evoke a time when expansive musical experimentation matched the big cars people were driving out on Sixth Avenue. Read the post. Related link.

Do the Digital Forsyth "Daily Shuffle"This Web site offers weekend browsers an opportunity to explore a small and fascinating bit of North Carolina's cultural, historical and scientific heritage. Read the post. Related link.

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