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Volume 2, Issue 3 -- March - April 2010

The DuraSpace Digest highlights recent blog posts about news, events, releases, and opportunities of interest to the DuraSpace community. Subscribe to the DuraSpace Blog RSS here:


Developers Meet in London to Discuss Fedora's FutureEarlier this spring Fedora developers and committers met for face-to-face talks around high priority issues that had been jointly identified by attendees prior to the meeting. Read the post. Related link.

DuraSpace to Participate in the Google Summer of CodeDSpace has participated in the GSoC since 2007 as a mentoring organization. This year the DuraSpace organization will participate in encouraging students to contribute open source ideas and code. Read the post. Related link.

Now Available: Akubra 0.3Akubra is a Java API that provides read/write access to URI-addressable files. Read the post. Related link.

Recording of SPARC/DuraSpace Fedora 3.3 & DSpace 1.6 Overviews Now AvailableChris Wilper and Stuart Lewis offered a one-hour overview of new features in Fedora 3.3 and DSpace 1.6 on March 17. Read the post. Related link.

Texas Water Research OnlineTo gather available research together in one knowledge base on March 9, 2010, the Texas Digital Library announced that they are "Developing a new collaborative resource for sharing water data across the state of Texas." Read the post. Related link.

International Cross-project Development Team Kicks Off Coordination Sessions in LondonThe DuraSpace organization hosted a meeting in London co-sponsored by JISC, BDM (Indiana), and CLIR which was attended by representatives from the California Digital Library (CDL), DSpace, DuraCloud, Fedora, Sakai, SWORD, and OJS projects. Read the post. Related link.

Invited Papers from OR09 Published in The Journal of Digital Information (JoDI)jThis issue, edited by John Howard, is a Special Issue with papers invited from Open Repositories 2009 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Read the post. Related link.

Connect with the OR10 Conference on CrowdvineAs OR10 gets closer information, who's who, and various posts-links-tweets-tags (use #OR10 for conference-related items) will be featured on the OR10 Crowdvine. Read the post. Related link.

MIT OA Repository Gains Publisher SupportMore than 850 articles are now freely accessible through MIT Libraries' DSpace@MIT repository with endorsements from 16 publishers. Read the post. Related link.

Take DSpace for a Test Drive on the Updated Demo ServerAn updated DSpace Demonstration Repository running DSpace 1.6.0 is now available for the community to use. Read the post. Related link.

A Growing DSpace Committers TeamWelcome Peter Dietz, Robin Taylor, and Keith Gilbertson to the DSpace Committers team. Read the post. Related link.

DSpace Wiki Now on ConfluenceThe DSpace team has announced that the DSpace wiki migration from MediaWiki to Confluence is complete.Read the post. Related link.

Cornell University Librarian on Meeting Community Needs Beyond Contributions to the "Common Good"The success of arXiv over time is based in large part on serving real needs of discrete communities beyond just contributing to the "common good." Read the post. Related link.


MIT to Offer "Digital Preservation Management: Short-Term Solutions for Long-Term Problems"The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will host the five-day Digital Preservation Management workshop June 13-18, 2010 in Cambridge, MA. Read the post. Related link.

One-day Regional Fedora Conference Hosted by Tufts U Digital Collections & Archives, UIT Academic TechnologyJoin colleagues on July 20, 2010, from 9 AM-5 PM for a no-cost, one-day regional Fedora conference. Read the post. Related link.

2010 LIBER Annual ConferenceLIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries will hold its 39th annual conference with the theme "Re-Inventing the Library: The challenges of the new information environment" in Aarhus, Denmark from June 29-July 2, 2010. Read the post. Related link.

Digital Preservation-The Planets WayFind out how to use Planets' tools and services to plan and preserve digital content for the future in Rome. Read the post. Related link.


The Archaeology Data ServiceIt was a pleasure to browse data from the Fedora-powered Archaeology Data Service (ADS). Read the post. Related link.

Treasures from the National Library of FinlandVisitors may browse historic map and book images from centuries-old Finnish books and manuscripts. Read the post. Related link.

Jewish Women's ArchiveThe makers of this in-depth, delightful, and profound collection have developed an Encyclopedia (, educational materials, diverse exhibits, book and film guides, a look back at Jewish women's lives, and a blog featuring colorful stories ( with links to media and more information. Read the post. Related link.

The New Jersey Digital HighwayThis Web site offers weekend browsers an opportunity to explore a small and fascinating bit of North Carolina's cultural, historical and scientific heritage. Read the post. Related link.

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