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Volume 1, Issue 1 -- July 2009

This launch issue of the DuraSpace Blog Digest from DuraSpace, the new combined DSpace and Fedora Commons organization, highlights pointers to some of the top news, events, releases, opportunities, and tweets of interest from the past month. DuraSpace Blog Digest replaces the quarterly Fedora Commons HatCheck Newsletter. Subscribe to the DuraSpace Blog RSS here:

Wordle visualization of content of top ten DuraSpace tweets and re-tweets from July 2009. This visualization was created by the application:


Library of Congress and DuraCloud Launch Pilot Program Using Cloud Technologies to Test Perpetual Access to Digital Content: Service is Part of National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation ProgramTo ensure perpetual access, valuable digital materials must be stored in a durable manner. The Library of Congress and DuraSpace have come up with a plan to test the DuraSpace pilot DuraCloud service which will let an institution provide data storage and access without having to maintain its own dedicated technical infrastructure. Read the post. Related link.

Fedora Repository Project Update: New Communication Channels By Chris WilperFeedback from developers at OR09 has inspired new communications channels that enable broad involvement. Read the post. Related link.

More is Better: The Power of Combined Community By Thornton StaplesThe solution community effort begun by Fedora Commons is evolving into an initiative that is less about Fedora specifically and more about the general mission that all of our communities share-efficient and cost-effective management, preservation and connection of digital content. Read the post. Related link.

Direct from MS Word to DSpace via SWORDThis blog post is about the functionality that Stuart Lewis, a DSpace committer, repository developer, repository66 mashup creator, and SWORD project member has added to DSpace to allow it to accept deposits from within Microsoft Word using SWORD. Read the post. Related link.

Rutgers Releases OpenMIC: METS-based Bibliographic Resource Management UtilityOpenMIC includes a complete METS metadata implementation with structure map, descriptive metadata, source metadata, technical metadata and rights metadata documents. Read the post. Related link.

International Case Studies Reveal Strategies for Financing Digital ResourcesA new study, released by Ithaka S+R and the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance, illustrates the varied and creative ways in which leaders of digital initiatives, particularly those developed in the higher education and cultural heritage sectors, are managing to identify sources of support and generate revenue. Read the post. Related link.


CALL: Journal of Digital Information (JoDI): Special Issue on Open RepositoriesSubmissions based upon accepted presentations in the OR09 General Conference Sessions are invited for this special issue of the Journal of Digital Information. Read the post. Related link.

CALL: IADIS International Applied Computing 2009The IADIS Applied Computing 2009 conference aims to address the main issues of concern within the applied computing area and related fields. Read the post. Related link.


Community Interest in DuraSpace News and InformationTop Ten Tweets Ranked by Highest Number of Clicks over Time, July 2009

  • 340 Clicks, 9 days; 245 Clicks, 14 days7/15 RT@DuraCloud LOC NDIIP & DuraCloud launch pilot tech progm to test perpetual access to dig. contnt:,
  • 56 Clicks, 48 hours7/21 The open repository difference: ArXiv yields five-fold citation advantage:
  • 49 Clicks, 10 days7/9 RT@FedoraRepo Rutgers releases OpenMIC: METS-based bibliographic resource description & management utility:
  • 48 Clicks, 6 days7/15 RT@Fedora Commons Tools & services available & using Fedora 3.0 spotted at Fedora Commons Community Software Registry:
  • 46 Clicks, 5 days7/20 DuraSpace,, is hiring. Read job descriptions here:
  • 43 Clicks, 21 days7/1 The Research & BioSci Digital Repository & Archive is a Sun open technology bundle based on Islandora/UPEI/Fedora:
  • 40 Clicks, 9 days7/7 Institutional Repositories: Disseminating, Promoting, & Preserving Scholarship, Utah St, 9/30/09 -- Register by 8/15/09 @
  • 38 Clicks, 14 days7/7 RT@FedoraRepo Fedora-based PLoS One architecture supports "World's Largest Journal:"
  • 37 Clicks, 5 days7/15 End-to-end repo solutions, preserving culture & sci, scholrly apps, cloud strge, & brkthroughs in D-Lib OR09 report:
  • 31 Clicks, 2 days7/26 RT@FedoraRepo "Repository-enabled Scholar's Workbench: RepoMMan, REMAP & Hydra," R. Green & C. Awre, DLib, May/Ju 09:
  • 28 Clicks, 4 days7/14 Stuart Lewis explains how SWORD streamlines MS Word deposits direct to DSpace repositories:
  • 27 Clicks, 7 days7/21 OR09 PRESENTERS EXPANDED PAPERS CALL: Journal of Digital Information (JoDI): Special Issue on Open Repositories:
  • 23 Clicks, 2 days7/24 "Power of Combined Community" By Thornton Staples:


Follow @DuraSpace; @DuraCloud; @FedoraRepo; @DSpacetweetsPlease send news, comments and questions to Carol Minton Morris, Marketing and Communications Director, DuraSpace, 607 255-2702.