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About DuraSpace Cloud Services

Winchester, MA  DuraSpace services enable large and small organizations and institutions to affordably manage, provide access to, archive and preserve their digital assets.

With the DuraCloud managed software service customers archive content across multiple cloud storage providers including Amazon S3 and Glacier, San Diego Supercomputer Center Cloud Storage, and Rackspace Cloudfiles. Key DuraCloud advantages include the ability to complete seamless back-ups of local content to the cloud, automatic content health checks and reports accessible through the web-based interface, and ongoing synchronization of all copies stored in DuraCloud.

To date DuraCloud has preserved over 11 million files and 47TBs of content and has run more than 1,000 distinct content health checks. Organizations such as ICPSR, MIT, Columbia University, and the State of North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources all use DuraCloud to archive their content.

DSpaceDirect is a new fully-hosted DSpace repository service for organizations that require the ability to manage, create access to and preserve any content or file type. It is the only hosted solution that provides archiving, discovery, access, and preservation services in one service.

DSpaceDirect makes it possible for small institutions to get up and running with a repository that they can then make available to their patrons as well as users worldwide. Users say that the DSpaceDirect easy start-up accelerates additional discussions about digital content stewardship and preservation best practices at their institutions. Still in beta phase, the service will be launched to the public in March of this year. Currently several small to medium-sized organizations that include universities, non-profits, government organizations, and associations are using the service as part of the DSpaceDirect Beta Testing Phase.