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Announcing Series Six in the DuraSpace Hot Topics Webinar Series: Research Data in Repositories

DuraSpace is pleased to announce its latest Hot Topics Webinar Series, Research Data in Repositories.
DuraSpace web seminars fill up fast so be sure to reserve your spot today!
Hot Topics: The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series
Series Six: Research Data in Repositories
Curated by David Minor, Research Data Curation Program, UC San Diego Library
Series six will highlight details on the implementation of a new curation program at the University of California San Diego Library. For more than two years, librarians and computing professionals worked with researchers from diverse disciplines to conduct a pilot program to pinpoint research data curation practices that could be used across campus. The series will present in-depth looks at the technologies, metadata services and decision making processes behind the program presented by the people who developed them. Researchers who participated in the program will also speak on their goals and experiences. There are 3 webinars in this series:
Research Data Curation at UC San Diego: An Overview
Tuesday, October 1, 1:00pmET
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The opening webinar will present the background and an overview of the research data curation program and the curation services that were created and used.  The fundamental questions, assumptions and challenges that the program faced, and the decisions that were made based on them, will be presented.
Metadata and Repository Services for Research Data Curation
Tuesday, October 15, 1:00pmET
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The second webinar will be an in-depth look at the two core curation services. First, a metadata librarian will present the wide variety of discussions that were held with researchers, focusing on commonalities and differences in needs and expectations, and the data model that resulted. Then, a development manager will address how the Library's linked data asset management system was updated to express complex research data objects.
Researcher Perspectives of Data Curation
Thursday, October 31, 1:00pmET
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The final webinar will present the researcher perspective: two world-class researchers will discuss their view of data curation, why it represents an important part of contemporary scholarship, and their experiences working with the UC San Diego pilot.