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New DuraSpace Social Front Page on RebelMouse

Ithaca, NY According to Wikipedia Twitter has 500 million users and sees 340 million tweets per day. This is just one indicator that people and organizations are now sharing and accessing every kind of news and information in 140 characters, via YouTube and, or through one or more customized social media pipes on many types of devices. How do your web site stats look these days?

RebelMouse> is a beta release social media display platform based on the idea that people want to share what they contribute to social networks. RebelMouse creates a social front page by rounding up and highlighting social media posts in a personalized, dynamic web site. Here is the DuraSpace RebelMouse page based on content from

An administrator may sort, rank and freeze posts from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and add hashtags to topic streams to page content. Links and and images are included in the display. By allowing  control over which content is featured and frequency, this display can be fine-tuned to showcase preferred posts and images.

RebelMouse users can generate tailored code to embed and display aggregated social media content on other sites. There are handy stats attached to each content item so you can see social media uptake on-the-fly.

If you are a frequent social media contributor consider taking RebelMouse out for a test drive and let the creators know what you think.

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Mon, 2012-08-06 13:50