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The CLIF Project: Fedora Repository as Part of the Institutional Technical Landscape

Ithaca, NY In a recent article [1] Richard Green, Chris Awre, Simon Waddington describe a literature review undertaken with Library and Learning Innovation (LLI) at the University of Hull and the Centre for e-Research (CeRch) at King’s College London, and subsequent trial integrations of Fedora repository software with SharePoint, and Fedora repository software with Sakai. This two-part approach formed the basis for the JISC-funded CLIF (Content Lifecycle Integration Framework) Project.

The project goal was to determine preferences for interaction of the authoring, collaboration and delivery of materials using higher education institutional systems so that an institutional repository might become an integral part of the content lifecycle that requires interactions among several systems.

[1] Richard Green, Chris Awre, Simon Waddington. "The CLIF Project: The Repository as Part of a Content Lifecycle". March 2012, Ariadne Issue 68

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Thu, 2012-05-10 10:44