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Open Access to Knowledge Issues Highlighted in the UK

Via Alma Swan, Director, Key Perspectives Ltd. and Director of European Advocacy Programmes for SPARC and Convenor for Enabling Open Scholarship, the organisation of universities promoting the principles of open scholarship in the academic community.

Truro, UK On April 9 The Guardian highlighted controversy around rising costs of academic journals in an article, "Academic spring: how an angry maths blog sparked a scientific revolution" [Link:]. Issues around the high cost of sharing knowledge through proprietary publishers at the expense of institutions and individuals who create knowledge were laid out.

Open Access and publishers' roles in sharing knowledge were subsequently covered in two BBC news programs:

1. The Wellcome Trust's Mark Walport was interviewed about Open Access on the BBC's flagship radio news programme, Today, yesterday morning. Note: the interview is 72 minutes into the programme [link:].

2. Prof Stephen Duffy and Graham Taylor (Publishers Association) debated Open Access on the BBC's early evening radio news programme yesterday. Note the interview is 24 minutes into the programme [link:].

Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Wed, 2012-04-11 12:02