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Strength in Numbers: Invest in the Future of DSpace, Fedora and VIVO by Becoming a DuraSpace Member


DuraSpace 2014 membership campaign illustration

Winchester, MA  The 2014 DuraSpace Membership Campaign kicks off on June 4 to raise funds for the DSpace, Fedora and VIVO projects. The annual campaign supports the continued advancement of DSpace, Fedora and VIVO open source software which is available free of charge. DuraSpace members may chose to designate funds for DSpace or Fedora, or VIVO, or to support DuraSpace generally.

Be on the lookout for more information about how to participate this week. If you have any questions please feel free to email Michele Kimpton at

Towards Sustainable Open Source Project Communities

The DSpace, Fedora and VIVO projects are supported by DuraSpace. Your financial support keeps our open source projects strong. As a DuraSpace member you become a partner in project governance with a voice in ensuring that DuraSpace projects continue to serve the global communities that depend on them into the future.

A highlight of the 2014 Membership Campaign is the switch to a membership model that includes DuraSpace and project specific governance benefits. The steering groups of each project have created a set of governance policies aimed at increasing community participation in project work and decision making.

“Our goal is to encourage institutions to become more involved with our projects,” said DuraSpace CSO Jonathan Markow. “DuraSpace membership is tied both to a package of organizational benefits as well as a project governance model that affords members an opportunity to directly influence the direction of the projects that are most important to them.”

But the key reason to "join" DuraSpace goes beyond benefits–it is in the mutual interest of both the DuraSpace organization and stakeholders to participate in sustaining our open source projects.

Join us in this critical mission by becoming a DuraSpace member. To become a member simply complete the membership form (either online or as a PDF download). See the complete list of DuraSpace Membership benefits here.


Submitted by Carol Minton Morris on Thu, 2014-05-29 14:37