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AVAILABLE: DSpace 4.1–Bug-fix Release to Feature-rich DSpace 4.0

From Mark Wood, Lead System Programmer, IUPUI, on behalf of the DSpace 4.1 Release Team, and all the DSpace developers

DSpace developers have announced that that DSpace 4.1 is now available!  DSpace 4.1 is a bug-fix release to the recent release of feature-rich DSpace 4.0 which includes tools for improving your users’ experience and web services integrations. DSpace 4.1 contains no new features.

Download DSpace 4.1 immediately at either of the following locations:

• SourceForge:
• GitHub: (see the "dspace-4.1" tag)

In addition, you are welcome to try out DSpace 4.1 on and continue to provide any early feedback you may have.

Fixed in 4.1

• Fixed issue where having a period (.) in your handle prefix

    generated incorrect identifiers (DS-1536)
• Fixed broken quick build (from [dspace-src]/dspace) (DS-1867)
• Fixed a crash of DSpace during CSV import via BTE (DS-1857)
• Fixed collection harvesting to DSpace via ORE (DS-1848)
• Fixed deposit of new items via SWORD (DS-1846)
• Fixed search hit highlighting in XMLUI (DS-1907)
• Fixed broken 'stat-initial' script (DS-1795)
• Other minor fixes. See Changes in 4.x section for a list of all fixes.

For much more information on each of these features, please visit our 4.x Release Notes:

4.1 Documentation

The DSpace 4.x documentation is available online at:

A PDF copy of the documentation is still distributed with the

software. In addition, it can also be downloaded from:

4.1 Acknowledgments

The DSpace application would not exist without the hard work and support of the community. Thank you to the many developers who have worked very hard to deliver all the new features and improvements. Also thanks to the users who provided input and feedback on the development, as well those who participated in the testathons. Additionally I would like to thank Tim Donohue of DuraSpace for ensuring that DSpace 4.1 went off without a hitch.

A detailed listing of all known people/institutions who
contributed directly to DSpace 4.1 is available in the Release
Notes.  If you contributed and were accidentally not listed,
please let us know so that we can correct it!

For DSpace 4.1 a total of 25 individuals contributed bug
reports and bug fixes.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who
participated.  We hope you'll continue to be a valuable addition to the DSpace community for the next release and

More Information

More information on this release is available in the DSpace 4.1

Release Notes:

As always, we look forward to hearing from the community about DSpace. Please let us know what you think of 4.1!