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Do Your Part to Invest in Our Digital Future: Become a Sponsor of DuraSpace

Winchester, MA  Today the DuraSpace organization announced the launch of the 2013 Sponsorship Program encouraging users of DSpace and Fedora technologies for durable access to invest in our digital future by becoming DuraSpace sponsors. The annual campaign raises funds to support the continued advancement of the DSpace and Fedora open source software which is available free of charge. DuraSpace relies on financial support from the organizations that directly benefit from using DSpace and Fedora to continue to meet the changing needs of our communities.

“The challenge of preserving academic content is too great for any one institution to tackle alone”, says Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian, University of Virginia. “DuraSpace fosters collaborative activities and open-source solutions to ensure that knowledge will be accessible to future generations."

DuraSpace Community Sponsorship information:

Looking into the Future of Fedora and DSpace

A new Platinum category of sponsorship has been added for members of the community who are DuraSpace Sponsors and want to contribute directly to the Fedora Futures (Fedora Futures blog) project.  Platinum sponsors receive all the benefits of becoming a Gold Sponsor and in addition are represented on the Fedora Advisory Board.

This community initiative began in late 2012 (read more here) and now has nine founding sponsors who are providing funds, developers, and oversight to make significant improvements to the Fedora platform over the next three years. Other DuraSpace Sponsors have joined the effort to offer similar support and form an Advisory Board that will influence the ongoing direction of the work.

A similar DSpace community initiative is underway following the March 2013 DuraSpace Summit meeting. A group of institutional library managers will create the first draft of a vision and high-level roadmap statement to inform the future direction of the DSpace project. At the same time a group of DSpace sponsors will be working on plans for improving governance and funding. 

Leadership, outreach and strategic partnerships

The combined benefits of technical leadership, outreach and professional development, collaborations and strategic partnerships on behalf of DuraSpace communities have resulted in ongoing development and deployment of open source technologies that are used to provide durable, persistent access to digital data. Community collaborators in these efforts include highly respected academic institutions, government agencies, and scientific and cultural organizations.

DuraSpace works directly with open source software projects, advocacy groups and corporate partners to build the capacity to preserve our shared digital heritage. DuraSpace is an active participant in the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), Digital Preservation Network (DPN), International Open Repositories Conference, Internet2, and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA).

For more information about what DuraSpace does for the digital access and preservation communities, visit Please feel free to contact Michele Kimpton at or Valorie Hollister, Director of Community Programs at with questions about the DuraSpace 2013 Community Sponsorship Program.

About DuraSpace

DuraSpace ( is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing leadership and innovation for open technologies that promote durable, persistent access to digital data. We collaborate with academic, scientific, cultural, and technology communities by supporting projects and creating services to help ensure that current and future generations have access to our collective digital heritage. Our values are expressed in our organizational byline, "Committed to our digital future."

DuraSpace supported open technology projects provide long-term, durable access to and discovery of digital assets. DSpace and Fedora are two of the most widely-used repository solutions in the world with more than fifteen hundred institutions that use and help develop these open source software repository platforms.

DuraSpace also provides innovative solutions for the digital preservation community to meet today’s access and preservation challenges with subscription services that include DuraCloud, an easy and cost effective way to archive, share and manage content in the cloud and DSpaceDirect, a low-cost, hosted repository service due to launch in the summer of 2013.