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CALL: Best Practices Exchange Conference With a Focus on Audio-Visual

 From Butch Lazochak, Digital Archivist, Library of Congress

Salt Lake City, UT  The Utah State Archives ( will host the Best Practices Exchange Conference to be held November 13-15, 2013 in Salt Lake City, UT. Information is available here:

All manner of proposals are welcome, but there's a special focus on audio-visual materials this year. The deadline for proposals is Sept. 1, 2013. Two keynote speakers have been confirmed for BPE. At the opening of the conference on the morning of Nov. 13, former Senator Bob Bennett will be talking about how the archives community can advocate for electronic records needs to those who fund and decide (Congress, legislatures, etc.).

The speaker at luncheon on Nov. 14 will be Milt Shefter, representing the Academy of Motion Pictures Science and Technology Council. He's the co-author of The Digital Dilemma published a couple of years ago and is knowledgeable about electronic records issues as they pertain to filmmakers. He will also be conducting a seminar the afternoon of the Nov. 15 for students and independent filmmakers.

Please consider submitting a proposal and let others know about this opportunity to share experiences.