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Community-Created Educational Resources Discussion at OR11

Ithaca, NY To improve the training and educational resources available to the DSpace and Fedora user communities, particularly for those just getting started, DuraSpace is proposing a collaboratively developed educational curriculum, similar to the RubyGuides ( that support Ruby on Rails users. The organization of the materials and the variety of delivery methods (written resource, screencasts, slides, webinars, etc) of the RubyGuides is particularly useful. DuraSpace aims to embark on a similar effort to improve the entry level DSpace and Fedora user experience. With this structure contributions can be made in small sections. In other words, it would not be necessary to contribute all delivery methods on a given topic–contributions can be made as time/expertise is available.  For example, if contributors can only provide a text-based guide on a topic that can be done without needing to also contribute a screencast or slides.

There is a proposal that includes example topics/table of content for both DSpace and Fedora here: Valorie Hollister, DuraSpace Director of Community Programs, will be meeting with interested educational resource collaborators at OR11 on Friday June 10 at noon. If you will be traveling to OR11 and would like to join this discussion please contact Valorie Hollister <>.