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AVAILABLE NOW: DuraCloud Open Source 0.8

Ithaca, NY DuraSpace, a leading provider of open source tools to help organizations ensure their digital content is durable and usable, announces the release of an updated version of DuraCloud Open Source (0.8) with improvements for managing content in the cloud. Release notes and DuraCloud 0.8 documentation may be found here:

DuraCloud 0.8 improvements:

• Simplified services
• Better services listings make it easier to find the service you would like to run.
• Services now require fewer option settings, making them easier to deploy.
• Bulk services, including Bulk Image Transformer, Bulk Bit Integrity Checker, and Duplicate on Demand, now provide a standard configuration mode to handle the setting of server type and number of servers used to perform the job, so that you no longer have to make those choices.
• The output location for services has been set to the x-service-out space, which removes the need to set this value for each service, and provides a standard location to look for service output reports.
• The work location for services has been set to the x-service-work space, which removes the need to set this value for each service, and provides a standard location to look for service logs and other run time artifacts.
• Sync Tool command line flags now match those offered by the Retrieval Tool.
• UI updates provide better visual cues for which storage provider is in use.
• Additional fixes and small tweaks

Look for the release of DuraCloud 0.9 prior to the release of the Duracloud hosted service ( scheduled for later this year. The hosted service will offer a simple solution for "safe keeping" data in remote locations at low cost without sacrificing the ability to access, transform, and share that data—with one easy upload.The focus for the next release of DuraCloud Open Source 0.9 code will include better integration of Azure and DuraCloud, a new "replicate on change" service to allow users to propagate additions, deletions, and changes from their primary DuraCloud store to a secondary store, and keep them synchronized. Bulk Bit Integrity service run time will also be shortened.

About DuraSpace

DuraSpace ( is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing open source software and services.  DuraSpace technologies are used worldwide as solutions for open access, institutional repositories, digital libraries, digital archives, data curation, virtual research environments, and more.  DuraSpace provides leadership and innovation in the use of open source and cloud-based technologies to serve libraries, universities, research centers, cultural heritage institutions, and other knowledge stewards.  The organization’s technology portfolio includes the DSpace open access repository application, the Fedora open repository platform, and DuraCloud.  DuraCloud is an emerging cloud-based service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability and access to digital content.  DuraSpace values are expressed in the organizational byline, “open technologies for durable digital content.”