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DuraSpace Reaches Out to Decision-Makers Through Open Source Development Process with Launch of Solution Communities

Ithaca, NY, Boston, MA At the heart of any open source project are the people who come together to create innovative software. Today DuraSpace, a non-profit organization that combines Fedora Commons and DSpace technologies, announced a launch of their Solution Community program to extend participation in open source software development to strategic decision makers.
With over 900 repository implementations worldwide, DuraSpace Solution Communities seek to increase resources, connections, skills and ideas by engaging people at all organizational levels in order to improve open technologies and strengthen the communities that use them. By providing leadership, tools and coordination DuraSpace Solution Communities bring tech savvy decision-makers together around critical community issues to establish the conditions in which collaboration can flourish to provide durable access to our digital heritage.
Thorny Staples, Director of Community Strategy and Alliances, and Val Hollister, Director of Community Development, DSpace Project, will offer a free “All About Repositores” web seminar on Monday November 23, 2009 entitled “Take a New Look at DuraSpace Solution Communities” to introduce new tools and resources for Solution Communities (register here: They will explain how to get involved in grassroots efforts to meet the challenges of rapidly changing information environments faced by knowledge organizations everywhere. They will also discuss the Solution Community bottom-up organizational approach based on the theory that higher levels of order will emerge from complex systems under the right conditions.
Solution Communities in Data Curation, Preservation and Archiving, Scholars Workbench, and Small Archives have begun investigations into how to leverage collective interests and priorities. To support Solution Community efforts, DuraSpace has developed a suite of tools and offers free access to anyone with an interest in participating. Individuals will find several ways to engage with Solution Communities including wikis ( that contain a growing knowledge base, and mailing lists for specific communication around Solution Community topics. In addition, the new DuraSpace social network pilot in Crowdvine ( features informal groupings for each Solution Community so individuals can connect around their particular interest.
DuraSpace ( is a not-for-profit organization that is the result of joining Fedora Commons and DSpace, two not-for-profits established to sustain their open source repository software. The two organizations combined forces to pursue a common mission and to expand their offerings into cloud computing and scholarly/scientific “cyberinfrastructure” for universities, libraries, and research institutions, archives, museums, NGOs, and more.
DuraSpace is committed to providing technologies and services that help ensure that our digital heritage is accessible over the long term.  Accordingly, the DuraSpace technology portfolio inherently addresses the issue of durability of digital content. Durability is not only essential for high integrity access to digital information, but it is also a necessary pre-requisite to the process of digital preservation as expressed in the DuraSpace organizational byline, “Open technologies for durable digital content.”