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The SWORD Course at Open Repositories 2011

Have you ever wondered quite what SWORD is, how it works, and what is can do for you and your repository?

If you are attending the Open Repositories 2011 conference taking place at Austin Texas next month, then register for 'The SWORD Course' - a free half day course that will give you an overview and understanding of SWORD.  It will cover the following topics:

- An Introduction to SWORD: Gives an overview of SWORD, the rationale behind its creation, and details of the funded SWORD projects

- SWORD Use Cases: Provides an introduction to use cases, and examines some of the use cases that SWORD can be used for

- How SWORD Works: A high level overview of the SWORD protocol, lightly touching on a few technical details in order to explain how it works

- SWORD Clients: The reasons for needing SWORD clients are shown, followed by a tour of some of the current SWORD clients

- Create Your Own SWORD Client: An overview of the EasyDeposit SWORD client creation toolkit, including the chance to try it out

- An introduction to SWORD v2: Provides an overview of the SWORD v2 standard, and the benefits it brings

The course will be held on Tuesday June 7th, between 8am and 12noon.  To sign up for your place, please send an email to

In addition, there will be a presentation in the main track of the conference entitled 'Introducing SWORD v2: The Next Generation of Repository Deposit'.  Come along to hear more about the JISC funded SWORD v2 developments, why they have taken place, what they have achieved, and how the SWORD v2 standard enables new and richer deposit scenarios in the scholarly communications landscape.