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CONTRIBUTE: EIFL Raising Funds for Innovative Ghana Library Project

From Rima Kupryte, Director, EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries): Knowledge Without Boundaries

Rome, Italy  EIFL has entered Global Giving's ( April Challenge to support an innovative library project in Ghana and need to raise at least US$5,000 by April 30 (one week away!). Please help us by donating to the project. Through the generous support of our friends and contacts, we have already raised US$3,967 - we need to raise just over US$1,000 by April 30.
What's the money for?

Poor school children in Ghana are failing exams because they are unable to get hands-on computer experience.  A town library in Ho, Volta Region, has come up with an innovative solution to the problem - a mobile library with solar power that takes fully-charged laptops to schools, benefiting 450 children.  The money we raise will go directly to the library service, and will fund computers, solar panels and internet connections. Find out more at

Donating is easy...

Simply go to and click on the big orange "Donate" button!  Note, for US citizens, donations are tax-deductible. 


You can donate at any time - but on April 24 (tomorrow), GlobalGiving will add a 15% bonus to every donation. So April 24th is a great day to add value to your donation and increase support for the project.


If we are successful in raising US$5,000 by April 30th, we will be able to use the GlobalGiving platform in future to support innovative library services, and to contribute to improving lives in many different communities in other countries.