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The DSpace 2013 RoadMap and 3-5 Year Vision

From Tim Donohue, DuraSpace technical lead for the DSpace project

Winchester, MA  At the recent Open Repositories Conference, held in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island in Canada, a draft 3-5 Year Vision for the DSpace platform was introduced as well as a brief overview of the DSpace 2013 RoadMap.

In order to make this information more widely available, I've recorded a video screencast (27 mins) of this OR13 talk and made it available at:

The slides presented are also freely available at:

The drafted 3-5 year vision statement is on our wiki at:

Your Feedback on 3-5 Year Vision

I encourage everyone to review the draft 3-5 year vision for DSpace software. This vision was brainstormed by a small group of DSpace institutions as an initial step towards finding ways to enhance DSpace to meet the ever-changing needs of a modern "institutional repository" platform. DuraSpace was involved in organizing these discussions, but the vision itself was created by your colleagues in the DSpace community.

We want your feedback! This vision is by no means "complete" or finalized, and we encourage you and your colleagues to let us know what you think. We've created a wiki page to capture comments/feedback on this vision, along with any use cases / needs you feel are important ones that DSpace should strive to meet:

(Feel free to add your own comments to the bottom of that page)

Once we have a vetted listing of DSpace use cases / needs, our informal "Vision Team" will be working with Committers and other technology folks to create a possible implementation plan / technical roadmap. We also anticipate establishing a community-led (and likely community-funded/supported) implementation project in order to make the final vision a reality. Much of this process is still yet to be decided, but will be made transparent as the initiative moves forward.

Help Out–Take a More Active Role!

Each of you has an opportunity to take as active a role as you desire through this 3-5 year vision and subsequent community implementation project. At a minimum, we hope that you will provide feedback on the vision and use cases which are important to you and your institution.

However, if you'd like to take a more active role, we welcome anyone to join our informal "Vision Team". This "Vision Team" is essentially self-organized at this time, but we welcome anyone who is interested in being involved. If you or your institution would like to become more directly involved in these vision discussions, please get in touch with myself ( or Jonathan Markow (

For those wanting to take a more active role, we also have created a public 'dspace-vision' list for detailed vision discussions at:!forum/dspace-vision

Although that 'dspace-vision' list is mostly for organizing thoughts and occasional "Vision Team" meetings, you are welcome to join that list to listen in or take a more active role (the list archives are also publicly browseable/searchable). Any major announcements or additional calls for community feedback/support will be posted to the 'dspace-general' mailing list as well.

There will be much more information about this DSpace 3-5 Year Vision initiative in the coming months. As mentioned, we want to make this community initiative as transparent as possible, in order to ensure we get feedback from as many of you as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do feel free to email myself ( or Jonathan Markow (

Let's build a better DSpace, together.