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DSpace Committers Announce a December 2013 Release Date for DSpace 4.0

From The DSpace Committers Team

Winchester, MA  The DSpace Committers have announced their intention to release DSpace 4.0 in early December 2013.

DSpace 4.0 will be the next major release of the platform, providing new features/improvements/fixes to the existing DSpace platform.  We are in the early planning process for 4.0 features, but you can follow along on the 4.0 Release Notes page:

The DSpace Committers will continue to strive to release one major version of DSpace each year, followed by any necessary minor releases (to fix any bugs that may be found).

If you or your institution would like to contribute features/code to this release, we'd encourage you to send us a "Pull Request." The deadline for initial submissions is October 7.  For more details see the release notes page (linked above). We also offer additional "Code Contribution Guidelines" at: to help ensure the smooth integration of your contribution.