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DSPACE VISION SURVEY: Help Define the Future

Winchester, MA  What should a new, modernized DSpace application be like?

DSpace 1.0 was released on November 4, 2002. More than ten years later DSpace remains the most-used institutional repository software in the world providing preservation of, and access to millions of precious digital objects in more than 1,500 repositories.

The DSpace Vision Survey, compiled by the DSpace Vision Group consisting of DuraSpace staff members, DSpace Committers, DSpace Community Advisory Team members, and other DSpace community members, was facilitated by DuraSpace. The survey aims to gather the collective thoughts of the DSpace user community in order to define and shape the future of DSpace over the coming years. Now that DSpace is 10+ years old, it’s time to reflect on how far it has come and where it is going.

An initial DSpace Vision meeting was held in May of 2013, followed by a community session at Open Repositories 2013 that resulted in achieving consensus on broad goals and directions. These can be viewed here (PDF).

The DSpace Vision Group will analyze survey data to refine these initial goals and directions. It consists of four pages and will take 10-minutes to complete. You may comment on the value of DSpace to your community, what functionality it should offer in the future, and what systems it should integrate with. The DSpace Vision Survey will be open until the end of February. Feel free to answer as an individual, or to submit a single response from your organization:

THANK YOU for joining the exciting conversation about the future direction and development of DSpace by completing the DSpace Vision Survey (download the PDF version).