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DSpaceDirect Details: Automatic Repository Back-Up

“DSpaceDirect Details” is an ongoing series of blog posts relating key features of the only low-cost hosted repository solution for discovery, access, and archiving, to common institutional repository requirements.

Winchester, MA  Backing up repository content paves the way for creating permanent access to valuable digital assets. Establishing a DSpaceDirect repository provides you with an out-of-the-box solution plus an automatic backup copy of all your repository content. Because DSpaceDirect is a hosted service this means that the first step toward ensuring that the contents of your repository will be available into the future—automatic back-up—is done for you.

This is possible because DSpaceDirect is integrated with the DuraCloud service which provides DSpaceDirect users with a back-up copy of their content. In addition, DuraCloud performs regular health checks on stored content that are necessary to detect if content has experienced integrity issues as it has been stored in the cloud. This process ensures that a file remains the same over time. Content stored in DuraCloud can also be easily recovered through the DSpace administrative interface at any time whether it is single files or multiple collections. This added feature provides an extra level of protection in DSpaceDirect against accidental content changes or deletions.

These features, including integration with DuraCloud and an automatic backup copy of your content, are included in a standard annual subscription to DSpaceDirect.


DSpaceDirect is the only hosted repository solution for low-cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation from DuraSpace (, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. DSpaceDirect is available with convenient features that include fast start-up, you-pick customization, no-cost upgrades, content preservation options, anytime data access and all-the-time data control–all at a price that puts solutions for long-term access to digital scholarly assets within reach of institutions of any size.

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