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DSpaceDirect Details: Fast Repository Start-up

“DSpaceDirect Details” is an ongoing series of blog posts relating key features of the only low-cost hosted repository solution for discovery, access, and archiving to common institutional repository issues

Winchester, MA  Once the decision is made, when is the best time to launch your institutional repository? How about right away? DSpaceDirect puts you in control of the timing.

The strategic choice to boost visibility by inviting the world in through an open access repository is often followed by implementation questions. Most organizations want to make an early version of their repository available rapidly as they move towards planning for a public launch of their IR.

Oceana Wilson, Director of Library and Information Services Crossett Library, Bennington College explains, "For us, a small liberal arts college, DSpaceDirect offered a triple opportunity: a solution for establishing a digital repository and an archive delivered in a true turnkey, all tech support provided package with extremely competitive pricing as a bonus. We were up and running right away. It has been a really great experience." Read more about the Bennington College Crossett Library DSpaceDirect repository here.

DSpaceDirect makes the first step easy. You don't need local servers or system administrators to get started because the DSpaceDirect team walks you through the repository quick-start process and manages the software installation, maintenance, and servers. You keep costs low while having more time to concentrate on developing a repository management workflow, establishing criteria for content, eliciting materials and seeing how search and browse operate in the user interface.

The sooner an IR is available for faculty, staff, students and the general public to interact with, the sooner others have the ability to find previously hidden open access institutional resources.


DSpaceDirect is the only hosted repository solution for low-cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation from DuraSpace (, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. DSpaceDirect is available with convenient features that include fast start-up, you-pick customization, no-cost upgrades, content preservation options, anytime data access and all-the-time data control–all at a price that puts solutions for long-term access to digital scholarly assets within reach of institutions of any size.

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