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DSpaceDirect Details: No-Cost Upgrades Reduce Repository Management Expenses

“DSpaceDirect Details” is a bi-weekly series of blog posts relating key features of the only low-cost hosted repository solution for discovery, access, and archiving, to common institutional repository requirements. Contact to have the current post delivered to your in-box.

Winchester, MA  Does it seem like just as you get the wrinkles ironed out of your customized, open source repository system the next software upgrade is issued by developers and ready for you to install?

IT and library professionals are aware that FOSS (free and open source software) like DSpace is available at no cost. Estimating the TCO (total cost of ownership) however, beyond acquiring open source software, includes costs for hardware acquisition, ongoing maintenance, in-house or contracted support and last but not least, upgrades to existing software. These expenses must be factored into overall budgets to determine the true cost of ownership.

Not with DSpaceDirect. Customers never need to upgrade because they have access to current DSpace services and improvements as soon as they sign up for DSpaceDirect. The latest feature-rich release of DSpace is always available because DSpaceDirect runs the most current version in a hosted environment. DSpace 4.0 gives users access to key features such as integration with DuraCloud storage for long-term access, improved UI capabilities and better statistics reporting. DSpaceDirect takes the guess work out of TCO–hardware, servers, upgrades and maintenance are included in the low annual subscription fees. Find out for yourself at


DSpaceDirect is the only hosted repository solution for low-cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation from DuraSpace (, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. DSpaceDirect is available with convenient features that include fast start-up, you-pick customization, no-cost upgrades, content preservation options, anytime data access and all-the-time data control–all at a price that puts solutions for long-term access to digital scholarly assets within reach of institutions of any size.

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