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DSpaceDirect Details: You-Pick Features That Communicate Your Identity

“DSpaceDirect Details” is an ongoing series of blog posts relating key features of the only low-cost hosted repository solution for discovery, access, and archiving, to common institutional repository requirements.

Winchester, MA  Among the advantages of establishing an open access repository (Electronic Information for Libraries) points out, “Institutions benefit from open access in the following ways: increased visibility and presence on the Web; increased impact for research; the open access collection in the repository forms a complete record of the research output of the institution in easily accessible form, provides the means for the institution to manage its research programmes more effectively and to measure and assess its research programmes. Open repositories publicise an institute’s research strengths, providing maximum return on research investment.” [1] A repository’s role in showcasing an institution’s brand is a key factor in meeting organizational goals.

A general repository need is to ensure that resources are identified as being made available through a clearly branded user interface that reflects an organization’s logo and color scheme. With DSpaceDirect's "You-pick features" the means to communicate your brand through your IR is part of the service. Patrons learn more about your institution by accessing digital collections through an IR user interface that communicates your institution’s identity while at the same time fitting seamlessly with your institutional web presence.

Basic customization of your DSpaceDirect repository includes color selections, inclusion of a logo and favicon, as well as customizable introductory text describing your repository. A variety of style templates are available to chose from. After you select a template the DSpaceDirect team works with you to add visual elements that more closely align with your institution’s brand.

To find out how effective your DSpaceDirect repository is in bringing attention to your institution DSpace provides internal usage statistics that track page views and downloads. In addition, if you have a Google Analytics account, you may choose to add Google Analytics tracking to your DSpaceDirect account.

As an optional feature DSpaceDirect offers enhanced site branding which includes site customizations to make the look and feel of your repository more closely match your institution’s web site (to the extent possible).


DSpaceDirect is the only hosted repository solution for low-cost discovery, access, archiving, and preservation from DuraSpace (, an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. DSpaceDirect is available with convenient features that include fast start-up, you-pick customization, no-cost upgrades, content preservation options, anytime data access and all-the-time data control–all at a price that puts solutions for long-term access to digital scholarly assets within reach of institutions of any size.

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