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DuraSpace and Archive-It Partner to Offer Off-site Backup and Preservation of Archive-It Collections

New DuraCloud feature enables instant Archive-It collection back-up service

Winchester, MA  DuraSpace, in partnership with Archive-It, is pleased to announce the newest feature of DuraCloud, a cloud based archiving and preservation service. Archive-It partners can now seamlessly access DuraCloud's key features for offsite backup and preservation of their web archive collections. In addition to Archive-It's existing storage and access offerings, DuraCloud is another option for off-site preservation that includes the ability to back up content in the cloud, access automatic content health checks and health reports, and is directly integrated with Amazon Glacier as an additional option for very low-cost storage.

Archive-It (, a web archiving service from Internet Archive, and DuraCloud (, a managed service for archiving content in the cloud from DuraSpace, teamed up to create this new feature and to provide Archive-It partner organizations with additional options to back-up their collections of archived content. During fall 2013 Columbia University, Rice University, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources: State Library and Archives were part of a pilot program that successfully tested the service.

How it works

Archive-It partners who decide to subscribe to DuraCloud have the ability to back up all of their Archive-It collections, specific web collections, or exact time periods within individual collections. After signing up for the service, DuraCloud will transfer a copy of content from an Archive-It account and store the web archive files in DuraCloud. The Archive-It account is then monitored for additions to the collection over time and synchronizes those to DuraCloud. The best part of using this new service is that it requires no additional user action. Once the service is enabled, back-ups to DuraCloud are automatic.

Get started today

Preserving your Archive-It collection in DuraCloud allows you to check the box on reliable offsite back-up and long term access of your content.

Archive-It partners can sign up for the service through the DuraCloud web site (, which includes more information and pricing. Sign up by March 31, 2013 and the content transfer fee will be waived.