DuraSpace Staff

Michele Kimpton

Chief Executive Officer

Michele provides leadership and vision in coordinating DuraSpace initiatives, activities, and partnerships to benefit stakeholder communities. Michele, a Library of Congress Digital Preservation Pioneer, is also the Project Director for the DuraCloud project.

Jonathan Markow

Chief Strategy Officer

Jonathan helps develop and implement strategic initiatives for DuraSpace, with special attention to supporting collaboration within and among our open source communities, forming alignments with complementary organizations, introducing new services and technologies, and ensuring long-term sustainability.  Jonathan also leads the DuraSpace Registered Service Provider and Corporate Sponsorship programs.

Bill Branan

Technical Lead for DuraCloud

Bill is the technical lead for the DuraCloud project. He coordinates the design and development of the DuraCloud software and manages the operations of the DuraCloud service.

Tim Donohue

Technical Lead for DSpace and DSpaceDirect

Tim is the technical lead for the DSpace project and coordinates community participation in the open source development process. Tim is also the technical architect of the DSpaceDirect hosted repository solution.

Valorie Hollister

Director of Community Programs

Val leads the overall community strategy for the organization ensuring that the priorities, projects and development efforts are targeting the greatest need in the community. Val also leads the annual membership campaign.

Carol Minton Morris

Director of Marketing and Communications

Carol leads editorial content and materials development and dissemination for DuraSpace publications, web sites, exhibits, initiatives and online events and develops strategies to get the word out about DuraCloud software and services.

Carissa Smith

DuraCloud Product Manager

Carissa manages the development of the DuraCloud software and service, as well coordinates community relations, creates training materials and resources, and oversees the DuraCloud web presence.

Andrew Woods

Technical Lead for Fedora

Andrew is a lead developer for the DuraCloud project, coordinating and contributing to the design, development, and infrastructure of the DuraCloud platform and services.

Layne M. Johnson

VIVO Project Director

Layne provides leadership for the VIVO open community semantic web application that supports the advancement of scholarship by integrating and sharing information about scholars and their activities and outputs.  He directs the development and enhancement of the VIVO information model, VIVO software, the VIVO community, along with associated tools and services.

David Wilcox

Product Manager for Fedora

David is the Product Manager for the Fedora project. He sets the vision for Fedora and serves as strategic liaison to the steering committee, leadership group, sponsors, service providers, and other stakeholders. David works together with the Fedora Technical Lead to oversee key project processes, and performs international outreach to institutions, government organizations, funding agencies, and others.