E-Science Course Logistics

The Institute consists of three modules, beginning with a “baseline/context-setting” module to establish common understanding of the issues, identify existing assumptions, activities, and priorities of the institution around e-science. The second module will develop the “building blocks” of the library’s strategic agenda for e-research support. Modules include assignments for the teams to complete on campus, such as readings, structured interviews with key stakeholders both inside and outside the library, scenario planning, etc. The course will culminate with the third module, the in-person capstone event, where the strategic agenda will be further developed and discussed. 

There are also several supplemental webinars planned which will provide participants with useful information related to e-research support. The topics and dates for these will be confirmed shortly.

For a more detailed description of the Institute, click here.

Institute Schedule

Launch Webinar Thursday, December 5 12:00-1:30pm Eastern
Module 1 Webinar: Context Thursday, January 16 1:00-2:30pm Eastern
Supplemental Webinar: Data Information Literacy Project Thursday, February 6 1:00-2:30pm Eastern
Module 2 Webinar: Building Blocks Thursday, February 20 1:00-2:30pm Eastern
Supplemental Webinar: Approaches to training data savvy librarians Thursday, March 6 1:00-2:30pm Eastern
Supplemental Webinar: Emerging Issues in E-Science: ELNs, Digital Humanities, Publishing Data Thursday, March 20 1:00-2:30pm Eastern
Module 3: Capstone Event April 2-3

Begin on 4/2 at 9am through 4/3 at 3pm 


The cost of the Institute is $2,750 per institution. This includes a three-person team from each institution attending all Institute events (webinars and in-person capstone, excluding lodging and dinners). Although only 3 webinar logins are permitted per institution, teams are encouraged to invite anyone from their institution to attend the webinar with them. The capstone event is limited to the 3 official team members. Participation is limited to 25 institutional teams and a minimum of 20 teams. Deadline for registration is November 25. To reserve your institution's spot payment must be received within 30 days of the invoice date.


There is only one registration necessary for each institution. Each of the three team members will be identified (name, title, email) when registering. 

In order to maximize the benefit from the E-Science Institute and the resulting strategic agenda, it is important to involve individuals that fit the following role descriptions at your institution:
A library administrator
Rationale: A library director is critical to the success of the outcome of the institutional team participating in the Institute. As a key decision maker, the library director understands the local institutional landscape, management structure, and culture. The library director also sets library priorities for e-research and can make key connections for the team. Because the Institute will include issues of organizational culture and change that require knowledge of the management structure and processes of each library, it is important to include the library director. Example roles could include: Associate Director of  - Collections, Information Resources, Scholarly Communication, Technology, Research Services, etc.
A data or e-science librarian
Rationale: This person will bring subject and technical expertise to the group.
A non-library participant
Rationale: This person will bring perspective from beyond the main library, allowing the group to explore opportunities for collaboration with other campus entities. Examples of non-library team members include but are not limited to: science/research faculty or center director, CIO/IT Department director, Research Computing director, etc. 
To register for the Institute, click here. We anticipate this will be the last time the E-Science Institute will be offered. 


Capstone Details

More details will be available shortly about the in-person capstone event. 



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