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In With Feature-rich DSpace 4.0, Out With DSpace 1.7

From Tim Donohue, on behalf of the DSpace Committers

Winchester, MA  The recent release of feature-rich DSpace 4.0 includes tools for improving your users’ experience and web services integrations. In accordance with the DSpace Software Support Policy DSpace 1.7.x and below are now at the "end of life". The DSpace Committer Team will only provide security updates, bug fixes and active support for DSpace versions 4.x, 3.x and 1.8.x. Users are encouraged to upgrade to DSpace versions 4.x, 3.x or 1.8.x.

Register for The DuraSpace Community Webinar Series: All About DSpace 4–Improved Interfaces for Man and Machine to find out how upgrading to the new, streamlined DSpace 4 will help you meet your organization's digital content management and preservation goals.

What does this mean?

• DSpace versions 1.7.x and below will NOT receive any further public security patches or bug fix releases.
• The DSpace Committers team takes pride in providing helpful community information and will continue to perform that function. You are welcome to ask questions on mailing lists regarding DSpace 1.7.x or below, but because those versions are considered "out of support" the extent to which your issues will be resolved may be limited.
• Recent versions of DSpace will be supported based on the following EOL schedule. So, we recommend planning your future upgrades appropriately.
–DSpace 1.8.x - Supported until January 1, 2015
–DSpace 3.x - Supported until January 1, 2016
–DSpace 4.x - Supported until January 1, 2017

Please feel free to contact the DSpace Committers if you have any questions or concerns.