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Fedora 3.6 Offers Significant "Under-the-hood" Retooling

Ithaca, NY Along with a some new features the release team delivered a significant bit of under-the-hood retooling with the release of Fedora 3.6. The retooling consists of:

• upgrading the web services framework, and
• completing the migration to a modern configuration and management framework (aka Spring).

The latter allows Fedora to be even more flexible in how it is managed and configured that will be of interest to developers and the operations teams of production systems.

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Following the theme of increased configuration flexibility, the hints provider API support provides a way to pass Fedora metadata to the low-level storage, thereby enabling low-level storage decisions based on that metadata (previously, the only actionable information low-level storage had access to was the object or datastream's ID). A use case could be: objects in my high priority collection are saved to my expensive, but fast storage, while objects in other collections go to cheap, slow storage.

The experimental upstream authentication filter also fits along the flexibility theme as it provides the hook for you to plug Fedora's authentication against your institution's single-sign-on system.