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Fedora Futures Launches New Blog

Winchester, MA  The Fedora Futures team recently launched a blog entitled, Fedora Futures, aimed at telling the stories behind building the future of the Fedora repository. The first post is from  Edwin Shin, Fedora Futures Project Manager, and Tom Cramer, Stanford University. In "Welcome to the Future of Fedora" they explain why, "It’s time for a serious re-investment in our core digital asset management and preservation services."

Read "Welcome to the Future of Fedora" (, and stay tuned to this url for more information about Fedora 4 based on these objectives:

  1. to preserve the strengths of the current Fedora architecture and community
  2. to address the needs for robust and full-featured repository services (that are now mature and well-understood, compared to six or twelve years ago)
  3. to provide a successful platform for our common use for the next 5-10 years

To learn more about how to get involved in the Fedora Futures initiative please visit the project wiki: or contact Jonathan Markow (