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GET READY: Register for the DSpace User Group Meeting on Mar. 5

From Val Hollister, DuraSpace Director of Community Programs

Winchester, MA  There is still time to register for the DSpace User Group Meeting on March 5. The session will be held following the SPARC Open Access Meeting in Kansas City. Please register here by March 1.

Below is an outline of two presentations that have been added since the last announcement:

"Secrets of the Submission Form"
Presented by Bram Luyten, @mire

Learn how your DSpace repository submissions can be easier for you and your content contributors. By modifying your submission configuration you can use these not-so-obvious hints to improve the quality of information in your repository as well as minimizing the time it takes to complete a submission. Topics to include:

• Collection templates: pre-filling certain metadata fields on a per collection basis.
• Reviewer only fields: option to qualify fields in input forms to have them only visible for reviewers in the workflow
• Type based submission: inclusion of certain metadata fields in the form, based on a selected submission type
• Modifying your lists of dropdown values (the lists that are included at the bottom of input-forms.xml)
• Working with hierarchical controlled vocabularies (the XML based subject categories)
• Enabling LC Name authority control for author values
• Collection based Input forms: duplicating an input-forms configuration & showing the match between an input-forms config and a collection
• Simple embargo and private item state

"Breaking down barriers: This is your community, here's how to participate!"
Presented by Hardy Pottinger, University of Missouri

If you are new to community-driven open source software development, you may experience barriers to participation. This spirited and opinionated talk will provide an overview of how community-driven open source software projects work. You will be challenged to participate in the community in ways you may have thought were not available to you. Traditional development tools and practices will be faced off against more modern approaches.

For more information please visit the meeting wiki page here: