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Get Ready for VIVO 2013 in St. Louis!

St. Louis, MO
 The 2013 VIVO Conference is fast-approaching.  

This year the 4th International VIVO Conference will be held in St. Louis, MO from Aug. 14-16, 2013 and features a unique program of presentations, panels, posters, renowned invited speakers, an apps contest, and collaboration opportunities.  The 2013 VIVO conference will explore how to participate in and best take advantage of the emerging Linked Open Data world encompassing and expanding our understanding of the rapidly growing network of information describing and interlinking researchers and research.

Designed to bring a global community together in the spirit of promoting scholarly collaboration and research discovery, attendees will find an inspiring overview of sessions here:  Program topics range from updates on the 100-organization strong and growing VIVO community, news about the latest VIVO technical innovations, information about specific VIVO installations, updates on progress towards integrated searching across multiple VIVO institutions and much more.

VIVO Conference information:

• There's still time to register:

• Visit the VIVO project web site page to learn more:

• Find out how to get involved at the VIVO project wiki site:

• Follow the VIVO conference on twitter: #vivo2013