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Happy Tenth Birthday to the University of Minho's RepositóriUM

Winchester, MA
 The University of Minho's DSpace-based Institutional Repository RepositóriUM began with just 4 communities in 2003. The goal for the repository was to provide a permanent accessible record of the research output of the University and to maximize the visibility, usage and impact of its research through open access. This month marks the tenth anniversary of the RepositóriUM that now houses a growing collection of the scientific output from the University.

To celebrate the University of Minho has released a print and digital version of a book titled Uma década de Acesso Aberto na UMinho e no Mundo (One decade of Open Access at UMinho and in the World) with chapters in portuguese (10) and in english (7). The book is openly available through the RepositóriUM at

Eloy Rodrigues, the Director of the University of Minho (UM) Documentation Services led the effort to create Minho University’s institutional repository in 2003. He drafted Minho University’s formal policy requiring open access to the institution’s scientific output in 2004. In 2011 UM's OA mandate was upgraded to provide greater incentives to researchers to comply. Currently compliance at UM is approaching 70 percent.

In this interview with Richard Poynder Rodrigues explains how he became an open access advocate and what he thinks the future looks like for the global OA movement: