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New Pilot Program: Universities Join DuraCloud/Archive-it Collection Back-up Test

Winchester, MA  Columbia University, Rice University, and the State of North Carolina will take part in the newly launched DuraCloud Archive-It (AI) pilot program designed to provide Archive-It partner organizations with additional options to back-up their collections of archived content. Archive-It (, a web archiving service from Internet Archive, and DuraCloud (, a managed service for archiving content in the cloud from DuraSpace, have teamed up to test this new DuraCloud service that will allow Archive-It users to take advantage of DuraCloud's key features for storing digital collections: the ability to add any number of content copies to the cloud and store them with several different providers; automatic content health checks that easily detect bit integrity issues, and; Amazon Glacier access as a secondary, low-cost cloud store. The program goal is to test the new DuraCloud service for seamless Archive-It back-ups in DuraCloud this summer. Plans are to launch the DuraCloud-Archive-It utility to their library and archive community later this year.

For more information please contact Carissa Smith <>.