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New Webinar@AIMS: Learn About the Ontology Plug-in for Integrating Controlled Vocabularies

From Imma Subirats, Senior Knowledge and Information Management Specialist at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Rome, Italy  The FAO of the United Nations, the Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) Community [1] and Hasselt University Library [2] are pleased to announce a new webinar entitled "Integrating controlled vocabularies in information management systems: the new ontology plug-in" [3]. The session will take place on 4th July 2013 – 16:00 Rome Time [4] and will be presented by Marc Goovaerts and Dirk Leinders, Hasselt University Library (Belgium).


The Webinar will introduce the new ontology plug-in, how it works and the usage possibilities. Created as part of the AgriOcean DSpace [5], it is an independent plug-in that can be used in any other applications and information management systems.

The ontology plug-in searches multiple thesauri and ontologies simultaneously by using a web service broker (e.g. AGROVOC, ASFA, Plant Ontology, NERC-C19 ontology, and OceanExpert). It delivers as output a list of selected concepts, where each concept has a URI (or unique ID), a preferred label with optional language definition and the ontology from which the concepts has been selected. The application uses JAVA, Javascript and JQuery. As it is open software, developers are invited to reuse, enrich and enhance the existing source code.

We invite the participants of the webinar to give their view howmthesauri and ontologies can be used in repositories and other types of information management systems and how the ontology plug-in can be further developed.


The session is open to anyone but places are limited. If you are interested in attending the webinar, send an e-mail to, containing the following information: your name, affiliation, role and country.