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Are You an I2 Member Planning to Attend SuperComputing 2013 (SC13)?

From Steve Wolff, Interim CTO and Vice President, Internet2

Washington, DC  Internet2 is actively seeking ways to help members participate in SC13's technical program and exhibits.  While many members have already provided networking requirements to SCinet (and we will collect that information from them), we are also requesting additional information so that we can best meet your needs. If you would like Internet2's support for your demonstrations, please provide the information requested below by July 21, 2013 by sending email to  If you do not yet have a clear idea of your requirements, but do intend to use the Internet2 network infrastructure or services during the SC13, please let us know that as well!

If you have an exhibit booth, we would like to work with you to ensure you have the network bandwidth and services needed to support your applications and demonstrations, both in your booth and, at your discretion, as part of a constantly changing "Internet2 Community in Action" display in the Internet2 booth.

If you do not have a booth but are interested in providing a poster, print material, or a demonstration in the Internet2 booth, please fill out the information below indicating you would like to participate in Internet2’s booth.

Below is a list of specific information we are collecting for SC13 applications:

• Organization, as listed in the SC13 Exhibitor list

• Booth Number 
• Type and size of connection:  Advanced Layer1 Service, Advanced Layer2 Service, Advanced Layer3 Service; 1 GE, 10GE, 100 GE
• End points, including any booth to booth connections
• Demonstration Collaborators–both at the show and remote
• Specific Internet2 services, including Advance Layer2 Services, required to support your application or demonstration
• Technical Contacts both before and during SC13
• Equipment you plan to connect in your booth
• Short description of your demonstrations and network diagram, if available
• Poster or print materials you would like Internet2 to display or pass out for you
• Requests for any additional services or support not covered above.

Questions regarding Internet2 services and infrastructure available during SC13 can be sent to