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PASIG WEBINAR: Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora, June 11

From Art Pasquinelli, Director Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Preservation, Oracle

Redwood City, CA  The next Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) webinar will be held on June 11 at 11:30am EST. The webinar is free for ASIS&T members and $20 for non-ASIS&T members. Register here:

Title: Stewarding Research Data with Fedora and Islandora

The interest in stewarding research data is undergoing an exponential increase, encouraged by funder mandates as well as the recognition by researchers that data sharing leads to greater discovery and innovation. The Islandora community is actively working on solutions for managing the diversity of data in virtually any domain. In one example at the University of PEI, Islandora tools are being built to sync data from systems like DropBox and Google Drive to Fedora, providing immediate preservation services for any arbitrary collection of data. This Physical Data Model is intended to provide a quick and seamless integration with Islandora where the researchers can subsequently add enrichment and optionally choose to share the data with others. In another example the Smithsonian is applying a set of Intellectual Data Models to steward research output from a variety of projects. In this case data is ingested into Islandora against a domain-specific data model that applies specific metadata forms, data transformations and data viewers to make the data more accessible immediately on ingest. The Webinar will highlight these and other approaches to research data management and preservation.


Mark Leggott is the University Librarian at the University of PEI, President of discoverygarden Inc. and founder of the open source Islandora project. Mark has been involved with things open and digital for most of his career, and together with the team at the University of PEI is working on a digital archive of the complete cultural and heritage history of the Island. As founder of the Islandora project Mark collaborates with global institutions interested in stewarding digital information for the long-term.