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Fedora Futures Project Welcomes New Technical Lead

Winchester, MA  The DuraSpace organization and the Fedora Futures Project are pleased to announce that Andrew Woods will take over as the new Technical Lead for Fedora effective May 15, 2013. In this role he will provide technical leadership for the Fedora Futures Project. Woods joined the DuraSpace organization in early 2009 as a Fedora committer. Since then he has helped establish the D.C. Area Fedora Users Group, been a project co-lead on DuraCloud, and worked in various technical and advisory capacities within DPN, APTrust, Chronopolis, and NDSA.

The Fedora Futures project is currently underway with Edwin Shin, MediaShelf, coordinating development leading up to a planned alpha Fedora 4 release this summer. Recent work has been focused on running Fedora in a cluster to provide greater durability and performance.

"We are thrilled to have Andrew Woods on board as our new Technical Lead for Fedora. Andrew brings impressive technical and leadership skills to Fedora that will be invaluable in advancing the goals of our Fedora Futures Project. We also want to thank Edwin Shin who served as Interim Project Manager and was instrumental in advancing the development of a planned alpha Fedora 4 release, expected in Summer 2013." said Robert Cartolano, AVP for Digital Programs and Technology Services Columbia University Libraries/Information Services.

The fast-moving Fedora Futures initiative was started by members of the Fedora community to preserve the strengths of the Fedora architecture and community, address the need for robust and full-featured repository services, and to provide a successful platform for the next 5-10 years. Read more on the Fedora Futures blog:

Michele Kimpton, CEO DuraSpace said, "Andrew Woods is the best possible choice to lead Fedora into the next generation of services.  He has established himself in the community as a respected technical contributor and collaborator on projects such as APTrust and DPN.  His expertise and knowledge in the repository application space and deep knowledge of Fedora will make his transition to his new role seamless."

The Fedora Futures Steering Committee is looking for project sponsors and in-kind contributions of developer time to meet project goals over the next three years. If you are interested in finding out about how to get involved please contact Jonathan Markow at

About DuraSpace

DuraSpace ( is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing leadership and innovation for open technologies that promote durable, persistent access to digital data. We collaborate with academic, scientific, cultural, and technology communities by supporting projects and creating services to help ensure that current and future generations have access to our collective digital heritage. Our values are expressed in our organizational byline, "Committed to our digital future."

DuraSpace supported open technology projects provide long-term, durable access to and discovery of digital assets. DSpace and Fedora are two of the most widely-used repository solutions in the world with more than fifteen hundred institutions that use and help develop these open source software repository platforms.

DuraSpace also provides innovative solutions for the digital preservation community to meet today’s access and preservation challenges with subscription services that include DuraCloud, an easy and cost effective way to archive, share and manage content in the cloud and DSpaceDirect, a low-cost, hosted repository service due to launch in the summer of 2013.