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NO WAITING: Try DuraCloud Right Away!

Winchester, MA  There are plenty of questions that come up as you make the decision to preserve digital content in the cloud—any cloud. What's the process like? Can I control my content in the cloud? What can I do with my content once it's in the cloud? How do I retrieve it? What are the advantages of replicating content with multiple providers? What does it mean to synchronize content? With DuraCloud these questions are easy to answer simply by giving DuraCloud a try—for free! There's no waiting. Just enter your name and email address, then click "Start". You'll be using DuraCloud in minutes. It's that easy, and there are no obligations.

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You have control of the files that are added, updated, copied, or deleted during your DuraCloud trial. Your trial account also includes automatic replication and synchronization of your content to a secondary cloud provider. 

Getting started with DuraCloud is easy; as soon as you log in you will have access to a training video that walks you through the basics of using DuraCloud. Your quick start DuraCloud account gives you the ability to find out for yourself what it's like to store content in the cloud before you sign up for a preservation plan that meets your needs. Start kicking the tires today!