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DSpace Initiatives Update: REST API, DSpace+Hydra, Metadata Improvements

Winchester, MA In a previous blog post about the recent DuraSpace Sponsor Summit, the outcomes and activities from that meeting were outlined. Specifically, the development of a DSpace ‘vision’ as well as a new governance model. To read the more about this work visit:  

Below is a brief update on another effort -- the DSpace initiatives that are in the early brainstorming phase on the REST API, DSpace and Hydra and Metadata Improvements. 

Thanks to those in the community who participated in the recent calls on each of the three initiatives. The discussions affirmed there is a lot of interest in the community for each of the initiatives. 

Here is the link to the notes from the calls:   

We invite everyone in the community to add their feedback in the comments section at the bottom of the respective notes pages. Also, if you have other use cases for a REST API feel free to add them to the use case grid:

The next step is to have the individuals or institutions formally identify their willingness to be a part of the initiatives. To do so you may either let us know via email or on the wiki page ( Each initiative also needs a person from the community to take the lead. To clarify how this will work, we have outlined below the various roles. 

Lead / Co-Leads

  • The initiative "lead" would help to convene regular meetings amongst all interested participants and developers.
  • Help to build consensus around use cases and requirements
  • Strive to keep the initiative moving forward.
  • The role is an "initiative management" role. The individual(s) need not be technical.

Steering Committee (optional)

  • Ideally, a committee would be formed to help support the "lead" in the goals of building consensus and ensuring the initiative stays on track.
  • Again, committee members need not be technical, but should have a good grasp of the problem at hand.
  • Developer Team
  • Help to develop, test and release the actual code
  • Communicate directly with the Lead and/or Steering Committee around use cases and requirements
  • Ideally, each developer would have approval from their workplace to spend a percentage of their time on the initiative
  • Ideally, at least one existing DSpace Committer would be on this team.


  • Attend regular meetings and contribute to consensus building 
  • Offer perspective from other initiatives and projects, and help ensure cross-communication between initiatives and with the DSpace Committer Team 
  • Provide necessary infrastructure: conference line, wiki space, JIRA, GitHub, etc.
  • Provide administrative support for any fund raising required
  • Provide and contribute to communication channels for project awareness, status, etc.

We look forward to helping the community move these initiatives forward!