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‘Dealing with Data–What’s the Role for the Library?’: Joint OpenAIRE/LIBER Workshop, Ghent, 5/28

Ghent, Belgium  Registration is open for a joint OpenAIRE/LIBER workshop that will explore where the library sits in relation to supporting research data management, and what future expectations for libraries might be. The workshop is an ELAG (European Library Automation Group) 2013 free pre-conference event to be held in Ghent, Belgium May 28-31, 2013.

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The past years have seen an increase in the sharing and reuse of data within a range of scientific communities. This will have far reaching effects for the research institution and librarian, not only in terms of discoverability, metadata, standards, but also in terms of infrastructure, skill-sets and practice.

Librarians are seeing an increase in queries about how to handle increasingly complex research output, such as datasets, often resulting from funder mandates. In addition, many researchers don’t have an obvious data centre to use and in some cases are turning to their library for advice. The library and research institution are having to understand their role within this changing environment, and define the necessary support mechanisms.

Workshop sessions will cover issues such as the data life-cycle, data citation, metadata and data publication. In addition, a number of scientists will present their views on how they use, share, and link research data within different domains. The position of the library will also be explored.