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WATCH AND LISTEN "DPN Technical Architecture Review": Solution for Preserving Future Scholarship

Winchester, MA  Members of the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Technical Team presented an overview web seminar on March 20, 2013. Tom Cramer and James Simon, Stanford University, Sebastian Korner, University of Michigan, Andrew Woods, DuraSpace, and David Minor, University of California San Diego provided details about initial DPN technical partners who plan to launch the network with approximately 1- 1.5 PB of unique content from five contributing nodes: Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), Chronopolis, HathiTrust, Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) and University of Texas Data Repository (UTDR). DuraSpace is a DPN participating partner.


More than 30 callers tuned in to learn about the DPN "archive of archives". The network is designed as a dark archive providing multiple "insurance" copies of content from contributing nodes at replicating nodes. This presentation explains what DPN does and how it ensures that content is resilient, provides for succession of technical management and intellectual property rights when individual actors are no longer available, leverages economies of scale for large amounts of data, and creates an extensible operating framework that is secure.

Five key scenarios for the future preservation and possible use of scholarly content were presented: a first node places content in DPN; restoration of content at a first node; DPN succession event/brightening (exposing) scenario; SDR places encrypted content in DPN–third party escrow, and; original content owner goes away. Architectural design decisions were made to meet these use cases.

Initial DPN prototyping and design work was completed in 2012. At the beginning of February 2013 the DPN Leadership Team approved architectural plans. Development has now proceeded to Phase 2.

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The DPN technical team will be presenting at several conferences this spring and summer including Open Repositories 2013 and IPres. There will be an architectural presentation at CNI scheduled to be held April 4-5 in San Antonio. A DPN Workshop preceding PASIG will be offered on May 21 in Washington, DC that will be an opportunity to have face-to-face, in-depth discussions.

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