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From the DSpace Committers

Hello DSpace Community,

A new bug-fix release of DSpace 3 available: DSpace 3.1

This bug fix release addresses a number of issues that were found to affect DSpace 3.0. These issues include:

• problems running DSpace 3.0 on Oracle
• several bug fixes to the new OAI interface (introduced in 3.0)
• fixed "More like this" feature (introduced in 3.0)
• minor XMLUI Discovery fixes
• several other minor issues

Apart from bug fixes:

• a small feature was added that brings the type-based submission feature (introduced in 3.0 for XMLUI only) to JSPUI
• Solr statistics CSV import has been refactored to get rid of a GPL-licensed dependency
• OAI was changed so that it doesn't produce browser warnings on HTTPS.

A full list of the resolved issues can be found at:

Although this upgrade only provides a small number of bug fixes, we recommend to those wishing to run DSpace on Oracle to upgrade to 3.1. Additionally, anyone who wants to take advantage of other small fixes and use the features introduced in 3.0 may also wish to perform this upgrade.

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

• Installation: display/DSDOC3x/Installation
• Upgrade: display/DSDOC3x/Upgrading+a+DSpace+Installation

Obtaining DSpace

• Download Release: projects/dspace/
• Clone repo from GitHub (using git):

DSpace would not exist without the hard work and support of  the community! We'd like to thank each of you for continuing to use DSpace, write about DSpace, test DSpace, and provide feedback to the developers.