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A Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) Boot Camp Webinar: Digital Preservation in Theory and Practice

Mountain View, CA  On February 12 8:30am PT  "Digital Preservation in Theory and Practice" PASIG will offer the first in a series of monthly webinars aimed at sharing PASIG content and insights beyond the annual meeting (the next meeting will be held May 22-24 in Washington, DC). The first webinar, "Digital Preservation in Theory and Practice", will be offered by Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries. Tom has consistently been highlighted as one of the top presenters at the PASIG meetings and we feel this content is germane to a broad audience involved in Digital Preservation.

Enrollment details for this webinar will be publicized in the next few
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Digital Preservation in Theory and Practice:
A Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) Boot Camp Webinar

Presented by: Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries on February 12 at 8:30am PT


Over the last two decades, digital preservation has emerged as a
critical challenge for institutions looking to provide longterm access
to their information assets. This webinar will introduce some of the
fundamental needs and concepts that underpin digital preservation, and
provide a practical, hands-on survey of the best practices, tools and
strategies in preservation that have emerged only quite recently.

The content of this webinar comes from the introduction to the
"Preservation Bootcamp" developed for and delivered at the international
PASIG meetings, a semi-annual exchange of architectures, operations and
best practices of digital preservation among practitioners, researchers
and industry experts. The PASIG Bootcamp provides an introduction to the
field and needs in digital preservation, and give attendees a foundation
of concepts, terminology, standards and tools used broadly in the field.
This ?Digital Preservation 101? event is targeted specifically for those
looking to gain exposure to the field, or current practitioners looking
for a review of the formal concepts or broad set of tools currently in use.


Tom Cramer is the Chief Technology Strategist and Associate Director of
Digital Library Systems and Services for the Stanford University
Libraries. He directs the Stanford Digital Repository, and oversees the
technical development and delivery of the full complement of Stanford?s
digital library services, including the digitization, description,
discovery, delivery, preservation and management of digital resources
that support teaching, learning and research.

He is a founder of the Hydra Project>, and the
first adopter and an active contributor to Blacklight>, two successful open source projects
rooted in higher education that provide rich and robust solutions for
digital asset management and discovery. He is an architect of Stanford?s
digital medieval manuscripts interoperability efforts>, and currently spending much of his time
driving the International Image Interoperability Framework> (IIIF). Tom frequently leads workshops on
digital preservation, is the Chair and Co-Director of PASIG> (the Preservation and Archiving
Special Interest Group), is a steering group member for Open
Repositories, and a member of the DuraSpace Board of Directors.