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Get Your Data Off That Old Hard Drive With Affordable DuraCloud Backups

Winchester MA   You are paying for a rack of rapidly aging hard drives managed by your local IT department and were just informed that the upgrade cost for continuing to preserve your content would be higher than expected; Or you backup content on several servers kept in a closet down the hall but you have no way of adding more storage capacity; Or perhaps you have a stack of external hard drives that live under your desk that have started making a disturbing noise. Do you recognize yourself?

DuraCloud backups are priced at as little as $125.00 each month to store a terabyte of data. With DuraCloud, users can quickly and easily backup any type of content using a simple DuraCloud web interface. By backing up content to DuraCloud instead of to an aging piece of hardware users also receive the following benefits:

• Quick and easy backups and partial/full restores
• Ongoing content synchronization

• A preservation copy of local content stored online off-site

• Ongoing file health checking
• Flexibility and control of where content is stored (i.e. Amazon and/or San Diego Supercomputer Center)

• Immediate online access to all backup copies

• Ability to share content stored in the cloud
• Access to additional services to serve images and/or stream media
For more information about all the additional features and benefits of the DuraCloud subscription plans available, please visit

Choose low-cost peace of mind – backup and preserve your valuable data to DuraCloud. It's easy and affordable to make sure your valuable digital assets stay safe and accessible. Take DuraCloud out for a trial run today. With a free two-month trial period – – you can't afford not to take advantage of DuraCloud.