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For Your Repository Viewing Pleasure: Khazar University Institutional Repository–Window on the World in South Caucasus

From Tatyana Zayseva, Director Library Information Center, Khazar University

Azerbaijan, South Caucasus  Khazar University Institutional Repository (KUIR) powered by DSpace provides innovative services and stunning digital collections that include peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, theses and dissertations, working papers and methodologies; patents, conference contributions (unpublished), project reports, presentations, images and more.

As in recent years, the KUIR is still the only repository in Azerbaijan, the South Caucasus and Central Asia former Soviet countries to be ranked (except Kyrgyzstan). In the latest Top Institutional Repositories Ranking  (July 2012), KUIR falls nearly in the middle of all the Central & Eastern European countries (53rd place out of 98). We envisaged having six main collections (Academic Support, Library Information Center, Periodicals, Khazar University Press, Schools and Centers, Personal Pages) to encompass the wide range of materials we wanted to expose through the repository and to assign content leaders and experts for each of the collection.

• Caucasus Research and Resources Center Collection represents open public perceptions on Political, Social and Economic Issues in South Caucasus countries.

• Open Theses and Dissertations The theses and dissertations produced at Khazar University represent an important body of intellectual output. Locally digitized and with few exceptions, the full corpus of university theses are available in the institutional repository, discoverable on the web and via links in the Library catalogue.

• OA journals collection In addition to supporting the conversion, publishing and production of Open Access journals, the Library also actively promotes the discovery and use of OA journals by Khazar University Community. Khazar University Library is a member and active supporter of the  Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and CrossRef (

• Personal Image Collection This beautiful visualization tells the life story of Khazar University founder, Chairman, Board of Directors and Trustees, Dr. Hamlet Isaxanli.

To find out more and browse KUIR digital collections please visit: