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Edwin Shin to Lead New and Improved Fedora Repository Platform Initiative

Winchester, MA  The DuraSpace organization is pleased to announce an agreement with Registered Service Provider MediaShelf ( to hire Edwin Shin ( on an interim basis as Fedora Project Lead.  Eddie will work with DuraSpace and a committee of stakeholders who recently got together to define a software project for making substantial improvements to Fedora through mid-year. At that time a permanent Fedora project lead will be engaged to continue development of "Fedora Futures".

Working with developers and the extended community, Eddie will be primarily responsible for helping the community develop the product vision, describing product functionality, and preparing an implementation plan. A number of Fedora committers will work with Eddie to achieve these goals. Additionally, he will manage and participate in Fedora committer meetings to ensure that everyone who is working on Fedora Repository platform improvements is informed and able to offer input.

If you would like the Fedora developers at your institution to participate in the project, please contact Eddie directly by email:  If you would like to find out how to otherwise support the project, please email Jonathan Markow:

The future of the Fedora Repository platform will be the subject of a presentation that will be given at the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) Fall Membership Meeting  to be held December 10-11 in Washington, DC (  In addition, a question and answer period will be scheduled immediately following the CNI meeting.  Times and locations will be announced in advance of the meeting.  

Please welcome Eddie Shin in his role as Fedora Interim Project Lead. We invite you to participate in this exciting new project!