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DuraSpace Receives Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Grant to Develop Cloud Services for Data Management and Archiving

Winchester, MA DuraSpace announced today that their organization has been awarded a 2-year, $861,000 grant from The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The grant is in support of extending the DuraCloud services ( an online cloud based service, for the long term preservation and stewardship of research and other scholarly content.

Currently, DuraCloud provides a reliable way to preserve and archive research materials in the cloud, a solution developed within the academic community for academic institutions. During the next phase of DuraCloud development, additional applications, features, and services will be built to extend the cloud in order to facilitate data archiving and content management. DuraSpace offers DuraCloud as a software as a service that enables archiving, preserving, and managing institutional content using cloud storage and intends to expand its service offerings in the next phase of development.


Look no further than the glass of Malbec you enjoyed with dinner last night to understand why preservation and access to original research data is critical to ongoing scholarship.

The popular media began extolling moderate red wine consumption when a 2006 study linked red wine to certain health benefits [4]. As late as March 2011 the top-rated Mayo Clinic [1] published an article explaining that Resveratrol, an ingredient found in red wine, might help prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots.[2]

Early in 2012 University of Connecticut officials announced that an internal review had found 145 instances over seven years in which a University of Connecticut researcher falsified data to show that the Resveratrol found in red wine promoted longevity and well-being.[3] [5]

Published research results fanned by the flames of media and social networks have the power to quickly influence public health and public policy. To prove that scientific claims are true researchers must be able to run the same experiments with the same data and show the same results each time. Original data must be actively preserved to guard against fraudulent results. DuraCloud ( will enable additional services to help future scholars and researchers keep research data safe and accessible for the public good.


The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, established in 2000, seeks to advance environmental conservation, patient care and scientific research. Believing in the inherent value of science and the sense of awe that discovery inspires, the Foundation’s Science Program invests in the development of new technologies, supports the world's top scientists and brings together partnerships with the aim to transform, push the boundaries of and even create entire fields of scientific research. For more information, please visit www.moore.org>.


DuraSpace is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to act on behalf of the community to create, communicate and gather feedback to ensure that DSpace and Fedora open source software meets the needs of the greatest number of stakeholders who are engaged in the preservation of our shared scholarly, scientific and cultural record. The DuraSpace community includes more than 1,500 worldwide institutions that use DSpace or Fedora open source repository software to provide durable access to documents, imagery and media. DuraSpace is the home of DuraCloud, a cloud-based service that is integrated with Amazon, RackSpace, and San Diego Supercomputer Cloud Services.  Users store and move content seamlessly between these providers and have access to a suite of preservation and archiving services that include health checking and auditing of content; automated file repair if corrupted content is detected; geographic distribution of content (located in more than one data center, and more than one provider if desirable); fine grained permissions for viewing, copying, sharing ,uploading or downloading content and: enterprise and single user configurations. The DuraSpace team includes recognized leaders and experts in the management of digital information who work with an active and diverse international community committed to the durability of digital resources. For more information please visit: