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REGISTER for OpenAIRE Conference: "Enlightenment in the Knowledge Society"

From Birgit Schmidt, OpenAIRE Scientific Manager, on behalf of the OpenAIRE team

Göttingen, Germany  On November 21-22 2012 Göttingen State and University Library will host the OpenAIRE Conference to present the results of the OpenAIRE project which supports the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Open Access Pilot.

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The Conference will feature a picture of the open access and supporting infrastructure landscape in Europe and offer views ranging from researcher’s views on scientific information, to the role of data infrastructures, research institutions and funders. This will offer a fitting context to Horizon 2020, where open access will be a general principle for all European research programmes. The programme will also give insight into the OpenAIREplus proje ct, which will link publications to research data, enabling seamless access to scientific knowledge.

The agenda includes:

• Introduction to OpenAIRE’s Achievements and Challenges
• Services on Top of Repositories – Enhancing the User Experience
• Policies and Practices on Data and Publications – A Legal Perspective
• International Collaboration on Research Data Infrastructure (iCORDI) and Research Data Alliance
• Panel Discussion on Opening Access to Publications & Data – Making the Vision Reality

The meeting is organized by OpenAIRE and OpenAIREplus, with the support of the Directorate Generals for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT) and Research and Innovation (RTD). Invitees are decision makers and other stakeholders in research from all EU Member States and further Associated countries. The event is co-hosted by Göttingen University, founded in 1734 during the Enlightenment. Göttingen’s spirit of learning has been transferred to the 21st century by the promotion of open access successfully both in Europe and internationally. The Conference will send an appropriate signal to the European community at a time when the Commission’s Communication and Recommendation on Scientific Information are being discussed in European member states.