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The DSpace Committers Team Welcomes João Melo

From The DSpace Committers Team

The DSpace committers team are delighted to announce a new member to the group: João Melo from Lyncode, his startup company. Please join us in welcoming him!

Since his earlier student stages, as a hobby, João had studied the most recent programming methodologies, frameworks and languages, he developed websites, applications, tools and contributed to his local community leading local informatics projects.

João is a 25 years old University of Minho graduate, where he studied Informatic Engeneering, specialized in Cryptography, Distributed systems, Software analysis, Critical software development, Formal verification and Modeling, also researched in Mondrian project at University of Minho and is currently the project manager of a Master course project, managing 19 students. In fact, this is where his involvement with DSpace started - while he was working at KEEP SOLUTIONS LDA., in his opinion, one of the best world  companies working in the digital preservation area. For 4 years, while working at KEEP SOLUTIONS, LDA., he was developing and maintaining a government project called RCAAP (managed and maintained by FCCN), he was responsible for 27 Portuguese DSpace repositories, a hosting development and support service using a SaaS model and 10 digital scientific magazines (SaaS model too), he also developed a centralized search engine called portal RCAAP  and participated in the development of an OAI-PMH validator for RCAAP project. He is also currently working closely with IBICT, Brazil (specifically, Milton Shintaku) and University of Minho (specifically, José Carvalho and Eloy Rodrigues), the most influential institutions in their countries in the area of digital repository management, targeting the production of specialized documentation and also implementing new DSpace features.

João has also been known under the nick "Lyncode". Lyncode is actually a startup project born in Portugal started by João and Ricardo Silva. Lyncode's main objectives as a member of the DSpace community are to collaborate with institutions, prepare and propose their developments and ideas to the DSpace community. His first major contribution to DSpace is OAI 2.0 (aka XOAI), a complete rewrite and major improvement of the OAI interface. But that is only the beginning; among other planned contributions are a mobile DSpace client app, a completely new Spring-based UI, configuration system rewrite and an administration interface.

For the non-Portugese among us, here's how to pronounce his first name:

We are always on the lookout for new developers, contributors, and committers within the DSpace community. Anyone who would like to get more involved is encouraged to do so. You are also welcome to contact us at any time if you'd like some ideas of how to start contributing:


Contributions can take many forms, from writing code to editing documentation, or testing new releases to designing new themes for our user interfaces.

If you or someone you know has been an active DSpace contributor for some time, you can also nominate that person to become our next committer! Nomination details are available at: